the medical philosopher

Musings about medicine, philosophy, ethics and what makes us tick.


I am a philosopher of science with a special focus on medicine, precisely on evidence-based medicine.

I am offering musings and insights into the world of medical practice and medical research from a philosophical point of view, with the occasional ethical revery strewn in.

“Despite one popular caricature of ‘the philosopher’ as being somehow ‘deep’, the ones I know (coming mostly from what is known as the ‘analytical’ school) make it a point of honour never to have anything profound or clever to say on any matter whatsoever. In fact, they consider it the hallmark of a good philosopher that one is always prepared to ask the sort of naive question that others are too scared to ask, for fear of appearing ignorant.” (Michael Loughlin)

So, follow me on a journey to ask the naive questions and find answers that put the patient back in the focus of medicine.

I will focus on medical research versus medical practice

And I will focus on ‘real’ medicine, which excludes homeopathy and every other so called ‘alternative.’